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I play the video games. And yes, I live in Collegeville, PA, where I attend college. Really, its an actual place.

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Posted by Dethklok78 - December 21st, 2007

Just an announcement for audio artists in my favorites: I'm cleaning this up now and deleting most of the entries. Sorry, but it lags way too much and its hard to navigate, plus its not entirely accurate. From now on it will be my Top 25 Audio Artists only. Not nearly 200 like it is right now.


EDIT: It is done! i actually seem to have closer to 30 favorite artists, so i'll raise it to my top 30-ish...? yeah ok. Well anyone who is on the list, i really could not categorize and rank you. Anyone in there, is one of my favorite artists. Just remember, you won over several thousand other artists (if anyone reads these, clarification on # of NG audio artists?) Well it's a lot. keep making great music people! Someday I hope to join your ranks as an NG audio artist, hopefully a good one. Well, let's see what happens.

Posted by Dethklok78 - December 15th, 2007

wow its been a while since i updated. In the time elapsed, I have reformatted my entire music library and downloaded more Newgrounds Songs. a LOT more Newgrounds songs. i am officialy up to a total of 1111 songs. For those of you who have evere seen TTA, this is a personal tribute of mine to Kirbopher15. (1111 is binary for 15) So yeah... just wanted to post this now berfore I continue. I'm sorry Kirb, but ican't stop now. There are just too many awesome artists on Newgrounds. Now that I have 1111 songs, I need ot sort through and get rid of the filth/worst songs to make room on my MP3 player. i have to compress 1111 songs down to 2 gigs. i think I can do that. I hope. Well, i'm off to sort through these for the next few weeks.

Posted by Dethklok78 - November 25th, 2007

so now there's a picture of my cat in a sink. He is a Turkish Van. They like water for some reason (they fish in Lake Van in Turkey) So yeah...that picture isn't me. Its my cat. Oh! Check out http://icanhascheezburger.com for other funny pictures of cats.

Posted by Dethklok78 - November 23rd, 2007

ok with the addition of all of B0UNC3, and some others, i'm now up to 273 Newgrounds songs, among thousands more from Galbadia Hotel. (www.gh.ffshrine.org)

Posted by Dethklok78 - November 10th, 2007

Well hi for anyone who actually clicked on my profile. I don't plan on submitting anything to Newgrounds unless i learn how to synthesize/remix/create music. Since this is unlikely to ever occur, I will most likely just sit here and download more songs. Hmmm...I'm up to 210 songs from Newgrounds as of this post. I guess i'll keep you posted on my favorites...Well bye.