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why hello people!

2007-12-21 16:53:47 by Dethklok78

Just an announcement for audio artists in my favorites: I'm cleaning this up now and deleting most of the entries. Sorry, but it lags way too much and its hard to navigate, plus its not entirely accurate. From now on it will be my Top 25 Audio Artists only. Not nearly 200 like it is right now.


EDIT: It is done! i actually seem to have closer to 30 favorite artists, so i'll raise it to my top 30-ish...? yeah ok. Well anyone who is on the list, i really could not categorize and rank you. Anyone in there, is one of my favorite artists. Just remember, you won over several thousand other artists (if anyone reads these, clarification on # of NG audio artists?) Well it's a lot. keep making great music people! Someday I hope to join your ranks as an NG audio artist, hopefully a good one. Well, let's see what happens.


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2008-03-29 03:23:44

You kept me on there! Thanks man!

(I think theres 20,000 audio artists on Ng? Im not sure =P)